Individual, couples and group pricing below.

Discounts available for the following:



*First Responders

*Group Discounts (5+ people)

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We now have punch cards!!

The more you visit the cheaper it is!

for the individuals


Bring your own Smash - $15

This is a great option for those people who have held on to some stuff for too long and want the satisfaction of ridding themselves of it personally. Bring your stuff from home and smash it right away!

(Terms and conditions apply)

Bar Fly - $20

This package includes 15 bottles of (empty) alcohol bottles . A great quickie rampage for anyone looking for a fast fun time.

Movie buff - $20

A small box of 20 VHS tapes. You never know what movie you may be breaking into every time you choose this one! 

Disaster Dinner – $20

4 plates, 4 glasses, and 5 VHS tapes. Another great choice for those looking for a fast fun rampage experience.

Carnival Package - $25

Enjoy the carnival games experience with 15 glass bottles, 5 decorative pieces, and a batch of baseballs!

Wake Up Call – $30

1 alarm clock, 1 lamp, 1 Coffee Maker and coffee pot, 2 picture frames, and 3 glasses If you aren’t a morning person, then this package is for you. Take out that morning anger on the culprit itself, an alarm clock!

Office Party - $40

This includes 1 printer, 2 small speakers, 2 keyboards, and a computer monitor. Tough days on the job are inevitable. So when that printer goes nuts or you just can’t type straight, this package is here for you. 

T.V. Dinner for 1 - $40

This includes 1 small television, 3 glasses, 3 plates, 3 VHS tapes and 2 bottles. If your favorite team has ever lost or a game has just beat you into submission, everyone has wanted to beat their television

for the couples

couple photo.png

  Super Size Me Package for 2 - $70

This package includes 1 big screen television, 3 large jugs, 1 printer, 5 plates, 5 VHS Tapes, and 5 bottles. This is the penultimate package of destruction! I would bring a friend with you to handle this package. Maybe more than one!!! *While supplies last.

T.V. Dinner for 2 - $50

This includes 1 medium television, 5 glasses, 5 plates, 5 vhs tapes and 4 bottles. Let your rage out with your best friend, significant other, sibling, or anyone else that’s got some stress to take out.

Variety Pack for 2 – $50

This includes 1 medium television, 4 bottles, 3 glasses, 3 plates, 2 large jugs, a keyboard, 1  medium electronic, and 4 VHS tapes. This package gives you a small taste of almost everything we have to offer.

**Or choose from our Individual packages and just add $10 for one additional person!

for the groups (5+)


Choose from any of the Individual packages and for groups of 5-9 people get an additional 15% off if everyone purchases a package. For groups 10+ get an additional 20% off with a scheduled session.

**Terms and conditions apply.